Just Move.

Knees, elbows, shoulders, feet and other body parts have to last a lifetime. If you’ve injured yourself in a hockey game or simply fallen in the driveway and hurt your back, Back to Basics Physiotherapy can get you active again for good. Getting you back to you.

Healing Naturally

Family run, Back to Basics is a clinic providing rehabilitation services for injured people of all ages. Through natural methods such as massage therapy and dry needling/acupuncture, we are able to only relieve your pain but also heal your injury naturally.

We treat:

  • Sport and musculoskeletal injuries
  • Motor vehicle accident injuries
  • Work-related injuries
  • Preventative Medicine

Back to Basics Physiotherapy relies on time-tested methods to actually heal, rather than just relive pain, so that you can’t go on causing further damage to yourself. Our focus is on the prevention of injuries by educating you on how your body works and the right way to move.

Discover our services

We prioritize hands-on physio care, offering a variety of treatment options that best fit our clients needs. Find out more!

We offer massage therapy in both of our locations. Massage therapy is a natrual method of healing that can can help with your muscles aches, increase blood flow and much more!

We offer telehealth via the phone or video conferencing for clients who don’t feel comfortable coming in clinic or for those who can complete their rehabilitation from the comfort of their home!

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You do not need a referral to receive physiotherapy. However, several private insurance plans still require a physician’s written referral for coverage or re-reimbursement.

Some insurance companies also cover such items as custom made orthotics, braces, TENS units, cervical pillows, and back supports.

MSI does NOT cover the cost of private physiotherapy treatments.

Please check with your insurance company for coverage


Here at Back to Basics Physiotherapy, we can direct bill most private insurances that cover physiotherapy and massage treatments. Most health insurance providers cover all or a portion of your rehabilitation fees. For more information please contact us by phone or email, or feel free to stop in at either of our locations during our regular business hours.