Virtual Therapy

With the new way that our world is operating now, Back to Basics Physiotherapy has started offering virtual therapy appointments.

Is it right for me?

Virtual therapy can be useful for many clients. Our physiotherapist can conduct the initial assessment and from there determine if virtual therapy is appropriate for you and how often or if at all you will need to be seen in-clinic. If you are already a client and are looking to cut down on your commute or want to receive the same high quality physio from the comfort of your home, you can ask our physiotherapist if transitioning to virtual therapy is right for your rehabilitation plan.

How does it work?

Back to Basics Physiotherapy offers a range of virtual therapy options for clients including zoom, Facetime, or even a traditional phone call. Our staff can adapt to meet your technology needs and will guide you on how to join a session from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

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